Hot swap apps in flight?

Hi. I was wondering, is it possible to take off with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro using the DJI Go 4 Android app then, without landing, close the app and open the DroneDeploy Android app? The reason I ask is because I couldn’t start a planned mission due to lack of GPS and there were no other locations available to take-off from. I could have taken off in ATTI mode and after acquiring a strong GPS lock started up the DD app. I know if probably have to remove and reconnect the USB cable to do so. Thanks

I do it all the time. Sometimes I have similar conditions in between buildings or other electrical gear and I have to take off manually and then load DroneDeploy in the air. A more common scenario for me is to fly DroneDeploy, kill DroneDeploy and then open it again to load another flight plan on-the-fly. Or another flight app like Litchi. We’re still waiting for daisy-chaining missions @Andrew_Fraser, but after today’s webinar and recent releases I appreciate how busy they are.

@MichaelL It’s coming by end of March. We’re extremely excited about it. Adding background mobile uploads as well that will make uploading images from multiple plans very easy.

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Many thanks Michael. I’ll carry out a test flight

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What are daisy-chaining missions?
Google translate is confused as well :smiley:

Being able to program multiple missions to run back to back automatically. Basically I can hit Go, the drone flies the map, progress photos, panorama and video and Returns To Home. Some small sites this can happen with one battery or you may not need all of these, but it needs to be able to do it with the same multi-battery logic that the program already uses.


Got you, cheers!

How are your experiences yet with taking videos for mapping? Working well or kind of unusable?

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They work well, just pretty plain. You can’t change altitude or point of interest, but it does the job for a simple loop around a jobsite. If I need fancy I use Litchi and that is fine with me. I don’t think DroneDeploy wants to go to that level.

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Yeah was expecting this tbh.
Cheers :+1:t2:

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