Homemade drone data processing

hello everyone , just wanted to ask if im using a homemade drone and low cost camera . Can i upload my image just to get a 3D model on the object ?

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You can use any camera that has precise geotags and do a manual upload. We use a Yuneec H520E RTK and the only difference is that you have to recreate your geofence of the processing area. There are models that round the decimal degrees to the nearest second which could be as much as 30ft off.

Good evening sir , thank you for the reply . Iā€™m currently doing my final year project . My project is having a homemade drone , taking picture of an object of height 3 meter . So will it be possible to convert the image with a 3rd party drone camera ?

Capturing the object 3m from it or a 3-meter object?