Hole in map, different when processed again

Processed this image http://drdp.ly/6iXIEv 293pics & the centre was missing, was going to fly it again but instead reprocessed the same 293pics & it came out a lot different http://drdp.ly/sDka6M

Is this a data processing problem?

This is very interesting !
It joins the option I asked for that consists in capability of choosing which pictures we want with “images” view.

I have had same kind of “mixed bag” problems with large stitches (900-1000 images). Images are not stitched on the parts of image and it varies on every processing. Unluckily I did have to fly one mission around lake shore (7,5km of shore, 12 battery PH3 mission) three times during this season and that cost me countless hours of uploading missions over and over again. One of them uploaded over 10(!) times(!) for processing as it did not stitch good.

This is something I have experienced to. I think your doing everything right it must be the cloud software at Drone Deploy. The only thing to do is log a support email and ask them to reprocess it. What subscription are you on Jean ?

Sorry to see the poor quality here. We’ve put together some suggestions here, which may be useful:

Best Practices to Fly and Stitch Crop Imagery