Highly detailed model of a Church


I made a highly detailed model of a nearby church by flying and taking photos anywhere from 100ft AGL to within 10 feet of what I was taking photos of.



Awesome… May I ask how you captured your DD screen for YouTube … ICN3D



It appears as though you weren’t executing a DD flight plan. Is that correct? You were just flying manually and taking photos?



I used Open Broadcaster System (OBS). It can record your desktop and its free.

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I did a mix of both. There is a basic scan at 125ft AGL using the structure settings (the church steeple is 100ft plus a windvane). To get additional detail out of the model I flew the drone manually, especially for the statue itself.

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Cool ….Thanks, I would like to add I liked how you Focused on the Subject (Church) and left the tree in the far corner Abstract that adds a nice touch!

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Thank you for the additional information.

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Really impressive! Thanks for sharing @JedThone

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That is awesome!! How many total photos for this project?



Only 331 pictures. Not all that many.

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Can you describe your flight plan? Might be a good learning tool…

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Hey Jed, I just wanted to follow up on this and see if you wouldn’t mind sharing your details about your flight plan and ground photos acquired for this model. It is well done. Did you do a double grid and what angle was your camera? (ie 70°). How many and what types of obliques did you take? Thanks again for sharing a nice end product. Looking forward to part 2 of show and tell :slight_smile:



That is absolutely killing. Would you mind detailing your procedure for getting these results ? I am using the freebie version at the moment but my results are unuseable so far. Might have something to do with the limited resolution on the free version.

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The resolution for the Explorer tier will make a bit of a resolution difference, but won’t cause things to look ‘melty’ or unusuable - when that happens, there is usually not enough side coverage or coverage of every nook and cranny

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Ha haaa brilliant thanks, I was starting to suspect that as I have tried everything else. Thanks again for your help.

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incredible! I am trying to make a detailed model.

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