Highly detailed model of a Church


I made a highly detailed model of a nearby church by flying and taking photos anywhere from 100ft AGL to within 10 feet of what I was taking photos of.


Awesome… May I ask how you captured your DD screen for YouTube … ICN3D


It appears as though you weren’t executing a DD flight plan. Is that correct? You were just flying manually and taking photos?


I used Open Broadcaster System (OBS). It can record your desktop and its free.


I did a mix of both. There is a basic scan at 125ft AGL using the structure settings (the church steeple is 100ft plus a windvane). To get additional detail out of the model I flew the drone manually, especially for the statue itself.


Cool ….Thanks, I would like to add I liked how you Focused on the Subject (Church) and left the tree in the far corner Abstract that adds a nice touch!


Thank you for the additional information.


Really impressive! Thanks for sharing @JedThone


That is awesome!! How many total photos for this project?


Only 331 pictures. Not all that many.


Can you describe your flight plan? Might be a good learning tool…