High winds and panos

Has anyone had an issue where pano flights just stop after a few shots? I was flying my P4P today in 15G25 winds. Though not preferred, the P4P has handled these winds before admirably. Today in Go4, the High Wind warning was showing almost all the time.

I flew panos at two sites. In both sites on different panos, the drone simply stopped after a few (usually 4) stills. It just didn’t move again until I told it to return to home. There were DJI unlocks involved but the unlocks were at least 30 feet above the pano altitude.

Odder still, I switched drones (to my other P4P…both are V2.0s) and had the same result. I also switched iPads to be sure the program wasn’t messed up, though I would expect that once the waypoints were sent to the drone, the iPad wouldn’t be a factor anymore anyway.

Has anyone had anything similar happen, windy day or not?

Has anyone had a similar

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I have had similar happen with DroneDeploy and Litchi. In high winds it seems that it is having a hard time getting the correct yaw and pitch and just continue to adjust until it hits that value. Usually it finishes but I have seen 30 second lag between images and an eventual timeout.

Good to know that the winds may have been the issue. I was fortunate that Litchi just pushed through and got the pictures. Ultimately DD did a really good job of stitching the pano together with Litchi’s pictures. Glad the two programs cooperated!

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Yup, found that Litchi tends to be better and more reliable at capturing panos during strong winds vs DD.

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