Hi res mapping

Newbie mapper here … I’m facing a regular, periodical vineyard mapping. Although mapping accuracy isn’t relevant, image resolution is of paramount importance for detailed examination of the foliage during a season. With Phantom 4 Pro sensor I hope to achieve such at the lowest attitude possible, say 15 m (?). However, a given vineyard may be established on hillside, as expected. Will DroneDeploy (or any other mapping app) deal with terrain, or this is too much to expect?

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DroneDeploy has a terraine awareness mode. Just search for:
DroneDeploy terraine awareness


Great, that’s probably what I’m after. Thank you.

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I would fly a cross-hatch mission with an oblique camera if you are not concerned with ground accuracy. This provides better raw imagery on a consistent basis which may be more valuable. If it sufficiently captures what you need then you could stop the mission halfway through and only capture the standard lawnmower pattern, but with obliques. In my opinion something like this is considered more of an inspection and standard mapping flights probably aren’t the best solution. Don’t get me wrong, the maps are nice, but the fact that they are orthomosaics misshapes objects like this.