Hewlett Chevrolet

Teasing… but i’m pretty sure this will be a nice one. See you in about 5-6 hours.


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Overall I am happy with the results. With all the overhangs and overhead doors this one definitely could have benefited from some handheld shots, but for a stock crosshatch flight with about 30 or so manual stills it checks in.

Hewlett Chevrolet 3D Model


Looks alright for stock pictures. With some manual POI images or something it will look much better, for sure. But if you have only done the crosshatch, it seems to be nice. Good work! :+1:t2:

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Thank you. There were 30 manual images taken. Obviously you can’t really have enough of them until you have shot every aspect of each small detail, but I don’t have that much time budgeted. I think the ground shots would have made more of an impact as the mass details look great. The sea of cars came out really well, but nadir images would have helped in between cars. I will be flying this site again as we start construction on a couple new buildings so if I have time I will incorporate some of these things.

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Did it take 5-6 hours for you to do this? wow…

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It was just 1.5 batteries so about 30 minutes of flight time. I used the Enhanced 3D with crosshatch, but without the perimeter and then flew manually around the rotunda. I probably should have flown the standard nadir flight as well and it might have gotten in between the cars a little better, but it was more of a test flight so I might try that next time.