Help with top of lighthouse missing, please

new user here. My fist map is of a 18m high lighthouse. I started with nadir shots at 30m height with 80% overlap side and ends, followed by an orbit at the 30m height. All at 4m/sec. I then did another orbit at 20m height using POI at 4m/sec and took lots of images.
All the images of the lighthouse itself show the top of the lighthouse being captured, where the light would be, but the map has this top section completely missing.
Any ideas please?

My questions: did you format your SD card before the mission? Also, are you using Firefox or Chrome to upload your data?

Hi Karl. Yes, the 64Gb card was formatted in camera before take off. I use Chrome

Did you process the map as a structure or terrain?

Oops sorry Kara, damn predictive text

Processed as a structure

Did you avoid getting the horizon in your photos?

No, the images taken at the lower height of 20m and a flatter camera angle had the horizon showing. I guess from your question, this is a bad thing?? If so, how could you avoid getting a horizon in if you need to take a side on view of something like a lighthouse?

Ideally you take the side pictures from the air at a downward angle.

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ok, got it thanks Chase. Must angle the camera down when I’m doing an additional orbit so as not to get the horizon in the images.

Is there a way to delete those horizon images that make up part of my current map and then re-upload?

bump if I may, please

I don’t think there is a way to delete the photos currently. You would have to re-upload.

OK, will do. Thanks Chase