Help with mapping construction site

Hey guys,

Would appreciate any insight. This is my first mission with a big client, and I’d like to ask a few questions with some users who’ve had more experience than I. I’m going to be taking aerial photos over a big site near the Mexican boarder… and these are a few of my concerns.

What time of day is the best possible time to fly to get the shots in the clearest quality?

What is the best altitude to fly at? Or is it case by case basis?

It gets hot in my area… very hot… 100+ fahrenheit. Do I need to worry about batteries over-heating?

It’s a 13 minute flight per DroneDeploy

Happy to help!

Best time of day varies on the usecase - typically enough light to light the environment well is good, you don’t want too many shadows, but also not exactly at noon.

Altitude depends - the default of 75m (250ft) is sensible as a default pending obstructions - give that a shot and adjust from there.

The drones are pretty well built, and respond well to different temperatures. I’d ask on some of the facebook groups or flight specific forums to see if anyone else has more info - but I’ve flown phantoms in snowy conditions as well as really hot ones. As one datapoint - DJI flew over a volcano a few times and the cameras melted before the drones stopped flying well.

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I’ve had more trouble with my I-pad mini II overheating than the batteries in my Inspire 1, 95-105 F. Just be prepared to fly line of sight if the display goes out.

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