Help regarding new setup

hello everyone
i have a phantom 3 pro and i want to create a ndvi image for that.
I purchased an ndvi camera AGROCAM and now stucked.
Is it necessary to connect the camera to drone or i can stick and camera and use timelaspe on the camera to take pic on every two second.
Or how can i tweak the dji camera to get ndvi images to make a map of my field.
Im new please help

Hi @Rishabh_Choudhary : you could use the second camera and set up a timelapse for trigger. However, if you were to fly with our app, you would need to use a DJI camera attached to the gimbal as well. Our app is designed to take photos; it will not take off if it is missing the camera and will not be able to execute its purpose.

What types of crops are you focusing on?