Help needed: Missing images + return to home too early with battery left

Good day all,

i’ve been running some mapping sites here in Canada and I have been running into quite some issues with the drone deploy software.

I am mapping about 4 sites in one day, they’re all quite decent size (1.5-2hr mission each) so I do require a lot of batteries.

I have been flying these for some time now and i’m running into the same problem each time for at least 2 sites out of 4. The setting are the same so i’m not understanding where the issue comes from. My battery is set for 25% low settings and 18% critical warning settings

  • First of all When I start a drone deploy mission with 100% and for some reason the drone deploy app calculates the blue lines that it’s going to follow quite “short” or “small” if you want meaning by the time i’m at the end of the segment that it’s going to follow I often have more than 30% battery and sometimes above 40%, I’ve had 49 at the most I believe percent… so i’m really curious as to why drone deploy makes my drone return to the starting point and land with this much battery without continuing the mission. it’s really annoying when I only have this many battery to play with and I lose critical amount of timing in the RTH process…

  • Second of all on some of my maps the drone flies the mission, stops because of blue segment lines stops, returns home and then starts again after the battery swap, but sometimes does NOT start at the right spot or is starting a line past the mission where it hasn’t flown, it’s such a big site that sometimes I don’t catch it right away and I get home with an entire segment lines missing, sometimes more than one…I am just assuming that the drone is flying to the home point, I replace the battery and it starts where it left off. and most of the time it does. But out of the first map i’ve just done and uploaded I am missing 5 entire segments out of 30… that’s a bit chunk of the map missing…

I don’t understand why this program has so many flaws or perhaps someone can help me understand it.

  • Lastly; When the drone is at the end of the blue segment line it calculated, it for some reason fly diagonally all the way across the site to one of the furthest corner radius point without taking a picture and then flying home. I lose about 5-7 minutes of battery while it’s doing that… it does that on every single maps…

I’m tempted to delete the enveloppe a create a brand new one as I am flying these sites ever but last time I’ve deleted an enveloped under a project i’ve deleted the maps associated with it… and the clients need it to compare maps…

I’m really disappointed about all these issues while i’m flying 4 simple sites… does anyone has solutions so I can avoid this in the future?!


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For the missing/incomplete flight lines I have seen this twice, once in v4.7 and another in v4.8, both of which had the remaining lines appear after a battery swap. If I were to see this before commencing the flight I would reboot all and try again.

I’m not quite sure what you could have done to cause this. Deleted the envelope? To me it would be in the Fly tab and creating a new template. If you delete and existing template it will not delete maps. The only way to do that is to go into Map Details and delete it or by deleting the Project. Both options have warnings so they shouldn’t be easy to do accidentally. You could try duplicating a template, but if there is a bug it is likely that it would migrate.

I am really not understanding what is going on. Thank you @MichaelL for your reply. I took your advice and create a brand new envelope and started flying it. you can see when I start the mission here I only have 4 blue lines for the mission and then the drone still flies all the way south to the end point of the envelope and then comes home. I landed with above 50% battery

Picture below is the start of the mission:

the second pic is the drone flying south all the way to the end of the envelope with lots of battery left and returning home automatically and the last picture is restarting the drone. you can see that between the last two pictures it’s missing en entire line on the start and doesn’t start where it left off…

I’m guessing im about to waste another 2hrs of driving and mapping…

any guesses? this is so frustrating i’m considering switching to another program I’ve had nothing but problems.

I think we need to go all the way back to getting the information that really starts a bug ticket. I think you may have found one that may be inherent with your setup.

  1. Mobile Device Make and Model
  2. Device OS Version
  3. Drone Make and Model
  4. Drone Firmware Version
  5. DroneDeploy Version

This would be a good start. Have you tried other devices?

  1. Mobile Device Make and Model : iPhone X
  2. Device OS Version: IOS 13.5.1
  3. Drone Make and Model: DJI Mavic 2 Pro
  4. Drone Firmware Version: Version 01.02.0300
  5. DroneDeploy Version: 4.8.0

Also have an iPad mini 4 (second generation)
Mobile OS Version: 13.5.1

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Well that’s interesting about missing sections after resuming. I reported the same issue a couple of months ago, and I also have a Mavic 2 Pro, but am running Android. Fairly random, sometimes it would even duplicate a section (restart from the last WP it had passed).

I’m not currently subscribed to DD, but maybe this info will help pinpoint the cause?

I also at a similar time had an issue with my M2P where the gimbal seemed to go be very unstable and almost go into spasm after taking off, taking pictures at all sorts of tortuous angles. Have you also had that? I can’t see how the issues would be connected, but it was happening on the same missions even if not at the same point, and I think it was always after a battery swap (though I’m not 100% certain). So there may be a connection?

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