Hello, has anyone tried to calc the volume of a stockpile of asphalt shingles before?

so my next mission is over an old asphalt shingle depository. has anyone used volume calc for this before?

Hi @dod,

I’m not an expert on volume calculations, but I have seen plenty of customers mapping to measure the volumes of a variety of uncommon objects. Stockpiles are fairly common though. I hope someone who has had experience with asphalt shingles in particular can chime in and help you out.

For reference, here’s our support doc on Volume Measurements with Drones.


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Can you provide some to of picture of what you are trying to capture? Not necessarily from DroneDeploy. Just a pic from a camera or something. My first guess is that you might need some type of percentage factor. For instance, when I try to translate rock to tons I have to account for air. The larger the rock the more air. I found that 48" rock is about 10% less tonage when crushed and screened. If you want to get real picky you can factor the density of different types of rock.

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thanks for the replies. here is a screen shot of the site. i agree that there will have to be a conversion factor to allow for space in between the shingles vs earth that can be compacted. just wonder ign if anyone has had that experience. i will be happy to share my experiences. excited because it’s call back from a new client. we did a wastewater treatment facility for them last week and now this. do you think i need to do a crisscross patterns with obliques in addition to the lawnmower pattern.?

To get accurate quantities over larger areas you should use GCP’s and just the lawnmower path. You don’t necessarily need survey grade GCP’s. If you are within a foot you will see much better accuracies. I work in hundedths of a foot. Depends on how accurate you want to be. 2-5% or 10-15%…