Height on stockpiles

Hi, I hope someone help me with this matter, I have begun to use the system and made already 9 maps I’ve done 4 of them mark an error in height of stockpiles, apparently the volume is correct, but when I use the tool to measure height gives me a negative value, ie, starts at -8 meters and the maximum height is -5 meters, when in fact the approximate height is 2.8 meters from ground level, I use a P3P, another fact is that where the flight begins, this at the same level as the piles. Someone has happened the same? thanks for your help

hi @elalbert - can you send us the map to support@dronedeploy.com and reference this post, please? Thanks.

Hi, I’m ready done that , and they don’t know why , they just answer that probably was because I start the flight in a deeper zone and that was not the case, the flight began always at the same level. They have already the flight logs too, that’s why I trying to obtain help here , Thanks

thank you- i’ll take another look at your email and see if we can identify another cause. Appreciate your patience!

That math seems to work out. -5 - -8 = 3. It’s telling you your pile is 3 meters high. Without Ground Control Points, there really is no basis for the ground level other than where the drone’s flight begins.

Thank you for your observation, and its correct, the problem is that when I show this to my client. The volume of sand, should also show the area and height, ( three factors) and if a measure is not correct, the client doubts the veracity of the rest of the measurements .
I could not try the following, which is to open the APP DJI Go, connect the drone, calibrate it manually, then exit and enter APP DronDeploy and make another measurement, hoping to stay recorded the initial measurement. I hope to do this the day tomorrow, thanks again