HDMI video output works

Just wanted to tell people that HDMI out works with DD app, and other apps and also no apps for that matter. Looks like the HDMI port is active all the time. So if you wanted to see what the aircraft was shooting at the time you were flying your plan, now you can. you can also set the HDMI overlay and see all the flight data on the screen if you wanted. plus you can verify that pics are being taken by the flicker/flash of the screen when aircraft is taking pic.

ONLY tested on Inspire due to its the only dji aircraft i have, but should work on P3P.

i have noticed that sometimes screen freezes when app is closed or crashes, but only sometimes. trying to see if it is a settings thing or just random.

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Thanks Andrew! We’ll be adding a picture-in-picture soon to allow you to see what the drone is seeing.

Good to hear there is a work around until DD adds the p in p.

Are you saying like mapsmadeeasy.com? When im mapping i can see how the images look and what the cam is seeing, its awesome, that way no surprises later. When i fly missions, i will use dronedeplo app, but then ill use maps madeeasy app just as a 2nd doctor opinion since i can see live video and exposure and color as its flying around. It then leaves a dot for everytime a pic was taken and you see how reliable the pics were triggered according to flight plan. With dd app, it doesnt tell u were its taking pics , you only find out when u upload and see the green marks. But i do like the dronedeploy dashboard more than mapsmadeeasy, But i do like how mapsmadeeasy allows my website to be embedded on the mapbox map. I wish I could take the things I like about maps made easy and put it into a dronedeploy and vice versa the things I like about DroneDeploy and put it into maps made easy… And pix4d, for now i use all 3. LoL

The new android app with these better features is making very good progress.
The iOS app has picture in picture at the moment as well as some smarter auto shutter and ISO settings so you should t get over and under exposures.
It’s interesting to hear your feedback about embedding. We do have an embed link on the share of your map on dronedeploy. Is there a reason this doesn’t work for you or were you not aware of it?