Handling uneven sites

Had a challenging site to map last week – large elevation change in small area as well as some tall trees. If I cleared all the obstructions in one flight I would have had to fly about 250 feet above the shoreline and lost a lot of detail. I ended up capturing the images using the DJI go app. Set image capture to one per 3 seconds and then flew my own pattern. That way I could stay low where possible and raise altitude to get above trees and on the upslope side. I recommend that approach!SLApic

Here is the map.SLAmap

If you are really losing that much detail then create two missions. I know some may think it taboo, but I have not had any problems ending the program and jumping into a second flight. Alternatively if you are a decent pilot you can switch to S-mode and back to P-mode before it comes back and fly some supplemental shots closer in. Are you interested mostly in the ground or creating a nice 3D model on this site? If 3D then try structure mode encompassing the whole site, not just the “structures”.

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