Grid of levels

Hi All, it would be great to be able to plot a grid of levels within the online app and (even better!) to be able to plot this on an output PDF. Basically the ideal would be grid lines overlaid onto a map, either with the levels displayed at each point or lettered/numbered with a corresponding table showing the levels. Thoughts/comments would be appreciated.


I might submit it here:

And for clarity, what do you mean by a “level”?

A spot level (m) AMSL. I will always be using maps with GCP’s for this. Something like the below which shows existing levels on a site. Perhaps I can use qGIS for this?

@Peregrine eregrine
so elevation???

Yes. Coming at this from a construction background and with UK terminology!

Lol, no worries I was making sure I understood :slight_smile:
I like the concept as well coming from the engineering side of things.

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