GPS specific cordinates on a user generated map

Im looking to mark a piece of property. and im wondering how i can pin property lines using GPS coordinates while in the process of making the map.

That’s not something that processing software does. You would need something like Google Earth or QGIS. Those can both be used to create flight plans as well as import overlays once the map has completed processing.

Being that this is a professional mapping form I’ll throw out a disclaimer. Do not call out what the line is or make any claim to its accuracy or measurement. You might only need it for personal purposes, but in a mapping forum it’s something that can’t be misconstrued. Definitely not to a client unless you are an RPLS.

my apologies and thank you for the disclaimer and caution. im just looking to use the program to render out some maps of a piece of property of mine for before and after as well as to get a good general idea of what im going to do for developing the land a bit. its nothing professional and nothing thats going to need highly precise measurements or ground control points. im just wanting to plot down markers on the map where my rough GPS coordinates are for my property line and get an idea what space im working with in.

on the note of overlays once the map is completed processing. is there a tutorial on how to do that you can point me to? again my apologies for any misused terms or my own ignorance of these things. im trying to learn a little that i can to better my own personal skill set.

No apologies necessary. We just get it out of the way so that there’s some context to what’s going on. Lots of people get bent out of shape and we go off topic pretty quick, lol.

In DroneDeploy You can create annotations and line work with notes by which you could draw the property lines if you knew where they were but not by coordinate, import or entry. I’d be willing to bet that with a high-res map, though, that you would be able to see the fences and things you would recognize so it may not be completely necessary to have the coordinates. Otherwise you would need to use something to import the points into in order to create your line work and then make a PDF of that as a overlay in DroneDeploy. My suggestion would be to just fly and process the map. Then bring that map into QGIS for linework and adding asset attributes.

Do you already have DroneDeploy? On a trial?

No i do not yet. i wanted to get some things in order first before i get my free trial as so i dont waste time trying to learn things or spinning my wheels on something. im just checking all my boxes first before i sign up for the trial.

yeah my property is completely undeveloped and “wild” as some would say. Why i would like to be able to draw my own property lines on my own map and then work with in that map. like i said. does not need to be down to the centimeter, just close enough. i figure this would be a decent starting project to learn the ropes on and get some real world application experience.

and lol yeah. we do live in an age where people do get bent out of shape for the smallest of things. even when being corrected on incorrect knowledge.

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Smart. You might be able to download a plat map from the County’s Appraisal District. Many now have formal GIS platforms where you can even get a georeferenced map but that’s rare. All you need is a PDF for overlay. For those unfamiliar it’d be the same place you lookup your property taxes.

Ok. if i can get a hold of a property tax map or plat or parcel map. how would i get it to scale once overlaid on my processed map? im assuming for the most part i get it overlaid my map, give some transparency, and then either leave it as is or trace the lines for better visibility or to add notes. But is there a scale that is on those kinds of maps, as well get it correct to scale or is that a sort of go by eye? kind of why i figured use GPS coordinates to center a map or what ever. if i can get 3 points of the square on point and matched up from the plat map to the processed map then it should be easy drop pins.

The DroneDeploy overlay method is to pin two common points between the plat and the map or any other objects that were located at the time of the Survey like a building corner. Just try to pick them as far apart as possible so that any error created by the rotating and stretching of the overlay is prorated as best as possible.

You can also do a more precise overlay in QGIS. It’s not as straight forward but it is more power when trying to add data to your map from other sources like CAD and other GPS data. It may not be needed in your scenario but it is worth getting to know so you have a place to start if something does come up that requires something like it.

If you want you can PM me a location and i’ll see if I can find a good source. It may be that you have to go to their office to get a copy but if your in a county with a decent population they probably already have it online.

I do apologize for the day of silence, got busy with some work. I think i had a bit of a smart idea, maybe not. you can call me out if you want. i was able to with some frustration and close friends help get a tax map from my recording district and i thought i could overlay the tax map over the collected map i will process then lay down my points on the map. now my next question for you and i think ill be set would be what program can i add a semi transparent layer to? Can i do that in drone deploy upload an image and make it transparent and do the points i need to or is that another program? i apologize if this sounds like a retreading. i had just realized that there are some man made landmarks near by that i can use to calibrate my map to be as accurate as i need it to be. a curve in the road and a T road crossing to be specific.

again. im going to apologize one more time for my ignorance of this topic and asking some dumb questions and i don’t want to waste your time.

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