GPS log for lost drone

I had shown my boss how to use Drone Deploy and he was testing it out on a P3S. He had a battery suddenly drain mid-flight and it crashed into a field. He was able to still see the feed from the camera for a while, but never thought to look at the gps position. He was unable to find it that night, and by the next day when he told me what had happened, we couldn’t get it to connect to the controller.

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to recover the last location it was in. He never switched to the DJI app after it crashed, just stayed in the Drone Deploy app. From the dashboard on the PC it says no flight logs are available. Is there any other way to recover the last GPS coordinate?


Is it possible to pull logs off for that flight?

The only way I know how to do that is by clicking the 3 dots by the flight plan in the dashboard, but for this flight plan it says “No flight logs available”.

Can you plug your phone in and pull the logs out using iTunes?

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chasemgray, thank you, that worked perfectly! Logs are in a folder called skd_logs. They open right in notepad and contain text strings like “Key=flightController/0/AircraftLocation;Old=<14.705813, -91.183718>”. ( I did change the value to protect the “innocent” ). It led him almost right to the bird. It sounds like it will even fly again.