GPS coordinate in planning


Is there a way to place a photo rapport or a 360 panorama to a specific GPS coordinate or a GPX file ?

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Can you elaborate a little? Outside of DroneDeploy? DroneDeploy already georeferences all the images on the map.

Our field tech took samples in the middle of nowhere (precise GPS coordinate with a garmin) and i’d like to take an overhead photo/360 pano/photo rapport/3d model (i’m trying things here) of that location (and many others).
So i would like the drone to go at the specific coordinate i tell him and do thoses (photo/pano/etc)

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I see. You could create small KML files in Google Earth and import them into a flight plan in DroneDeploy. This would give you a good idea of the location and then you can choose a good vantage point from there. If you have it in Google Earth you should be able to emulate that position well enough in flight planning visually from the map which is also Google Earth. entering GPS coordinates has been a feature request for a little while so I would encourage you to find that on the forum and comment.

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Thanks i’ll try that, and find the coordinates topic !

Edit : I’ve seen you talking about CAD maps, can you import some in background homemade map ? In DD or DJI go ?

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Import the math into DroneDeploy? Or combine them outside of it?

You can certainly import any PDF into the map into DroneDeploy, but not for planning. There are options to import the maps into Google Earth and create KML files for flight planning. You can’t even go as far to take a non-georeferenced image, georeference it in QGIS and make a KML.

I am always available to chat off-line so just shoot me a PM if you would like to. I can also help with some of the process if needed.