Google Drive or Dropbox Integration



I second the google drive option.

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I’d like to work on this problem. Can you guys talk to me about this issue?

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Hi @Michael_A,

Currently you could export all the source images to google drive through the App Market Image api, this is how the box app works.

However, uploading through our API is currently only supported on enterprise memberships. We are considering opening up this API to everyone.

Hope that helps,

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You’re talking about the Image Transfer Object, corret?

So, if I were to make an DropBox/Google Drive Upload app, I would have to use this API?

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Yep, that is the API I was referring to. You can give that API a public zip file with all your images or all the urls for the images you want to upload.

However, unless we make some changes on our side, you’ll only be able to upload on accounts you own.

@Michael_A do you have interest in building this app for the App Market? We might be able to open up a new API to make this happen.

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Yes, I am.

That was going to be my second question: can you upload images to another user’s plan? If you can’t, can you share plans i.e. give a plugin access to a particular plan?

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I agree that a google drive or similar storage should be added. Organization of geotiff’s can be a headache when you need to wait for DD to compile then come back to download and then organize. It would be great if the files could be placed in a google drive folder based on the folder it is in on DD or the date. This way the files can be inherently organized.

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The app has been published on the app market:

Let me know what you guys think.

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Thanks Michael,

I checked out the link you suggested and when I clicked install it took me to the dashboard but the app was not loaded.

Curiously this CloudImporter app is missing from the Import/Export listing of apps too.

I would find this super useful as GoogleDrive is a centrepiece of our file management.



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I would suggest you have the backup in the dropbox as the dropbox has more access than the drive and has more storage capability almost infinite memory. I also back up my data in the dropbox and sometimes I have to recover Gmail password to have the access to the dropbox.



So all of these services including the Sharefile solution we use have FTP access. Could we not use that back-end somehow regardless of platform? I’m not that guy so apologies if it’s a silly idea. :grin:



Two years later and still not cloud storage integration to at least being your photos in from? That’s pretty surprising as this would be very useful, and, it’s a very common feature with SAAS applications for all sorts of industries.

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@consultant Company Cam might be what you’re looking for.

We’d love to see more cloud storage on our platform - SDK is open, anyone can go for it! :grinning:



I personally asked for help on SDK connection to Sharefile and got nowhere.



I’d like to see this option in the future