Gimbal Drop / Raise Issues

Running DD 2.0.51
Flying Phantom 4 Pro
DJI Firmware - 9/6/2017 (latest)
Android Samsung Tablet

There is some weird things happening with the gimbal drop to straight down and the raise after the flight is completed.

It used to drop the gimbal on ascent and it was a straight drop without hesitation.
Now it drops the gimbal SLOWLY as it is heading towards the start point and I am not convinced that it reaches the full 90 degrees down before the flight begins.

Once the flight is finished the gimbal slowly raises to straight forward but then bounces up (could see props) before correcting back to normal, then up, then normal until the descent when it stabilised.

Apart from that the flight was as expected.

Only other issue was that DD on the tablet used to say it was uploading the flight data but I see no evidence of that now.

Any ideas when as fix might be available for this ?

Just upgraded to version 2.0.54.

Gimbal now drops on ascent as it is meant to.

On return flight gimbal returns to the horizontal position VERY slowly. Not a huge issue.

Flight seemed fine. Only difference I have noticed is that there are 2 images on the SD card from the camera check before take off. These were not there in version 2.0.51.

I’ll probably stick with this version as it seems reliable.

Yes, we’ve stopped deleting the test photos taken on the ground. These should get removed automatically if you accidentally upload to DD.