Gimbal angle is changing from -90° to -65° without my knowledge

I have been flying with DD software for almost 4 years. I never had to worry about the NADIR being anything but -90°. I was flying a 40 acre ortho the other day and noticed the camera angle seemed off. I brought the drone back and saw a new setting for camera angle. It was at -65°. WTF I did not set that. I have gone back on some of my upcoming monthly missions and saw they were all at -65°. I have reset them. Then I went to some other past missions and some are still at -90° as they should be and others are at -65° which they should not be. I routinely change the overlap but that and maybe the direction or starting point. I just learned we can change the camera angle but have never touched that setting. Anyone else running into this problem. Not fun or good. Is costing me time in the field and now I have to train myself to check this setting and hope it does not mysteriously change again. ARGHH!!!


So you changed the plan back to nadir and it reverted again? Was Enhanced 3D accidentally checked on. I have noticed that you can toggle 3D Enhanced off and you go into Advanced either/both Perimeter and Crosshatch may still show on but the gimbal changes from 65 to 90.

I had the -65 showing up on simple orthos, no 3D or crosshatch, no accidental turning those features on. It did not revert after I set it back to -90, but it is showing up as the default on a fair amount of orthos I have done, and some which I do on a monthly basis. They replied, but I will still monitor because if I am shooting crosshatch or 3D enhanced, it should still start in a -90 downward position like it always has, and then change angle to get the obliques. Or am I missing something here?


What device and drone?

P4Pro using an Ipad. But it is in the drone deploy settings on the computer that it is changing things. I am now just becoming aware of it. Shouldn’t the angle be 90° down for the crosshatch and then do the obliques at an angle? I was doing a normal 2D ortho no crosshatch or 3D and the camera angle was set to -65°.

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