Geotiff upload date


I’ve tried through changing all the EXIF and file metadata to no avail. Is there a way of changing the date the maps get uploaded to? I do a lot of desktop processing and editing of orthomosaics then upload them to DD. The only way I’ve been able to do this is to open a ticket and have support manually change the date but this takes too long and when I upload a bunch of custom maps it can get frustrating really quickly.

Am I missing something? How does dronedeploy decide the date for an uploaded geotif?



Hi there, thank you for posting to the DroneDeploy forum! Happy to help out with this.

If you’re uploading pre-processed data, then the date chosen will be the “date uploaded”. Otherwise, all other map data (individual images stitched together) will use the date captured.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way for DroneDeploy to preserve the date captured on the TIFF upload so it will default to today.