GeoTiff export missing lines in image

Just wondering why exporting in GeoTiff displays the image separated like this in photoshop

Hi @JoeyShea - does the same thing happen when using a Jpeg? I’m not sure a GeoTIFF is the best file type for Photoshop

No it does not, Jpeg export looks perfect. CAD is the only program I have that shows the image complete. Why exactly does the geotiff look separate in photoshop but complete in CAD?

Each software is intended to read different types of files- the main purpose of Photoshop is to edit photos and images, CAD programs are intended to analyze spatial data. Just as a jpeg is not appropriate for advanced CAD analysis, a GeoTIFF has a file format with additional information PhotoScan isn’t neccessarily intended for. Each software has an optimized workflow.

What is the reason for using a GeoTIFF rather than a Jpeg for Photoscan?


I need it in photoshop to spot correct the processed image DD returns. My survey company will take the jpeg and place the drafting work on top of it, locating GCPs that were marked during the mapping to match it correctly.

Understood- thanks for your feedback. In case it’s helpful, please see here for suggestions to improve map quality.

@neema I have the same issue as well. Before, I used Pix4D and the geotiff files created were full (no missing lines) in Photoshop. The same result with GeoTiff export in Skycatch.

When I use JPEG export in DD, the image is distorted and warped so I couldn’t use it in Photoshop.

I use Photoshop to create a consistent deliverable to my client, with border, template, logo, timestamp, etc. Also, the result orthomosaic images do not have a nice crop boundary and always have wavy edges, because they are from the individual images at the edge of the flight path. It is the same to all processing software/platform, not just DD so that’s why Photoshop is used.

As soon as DD solves the issue with distorted JPEG, that’s what I’m looking for.

@oceanv sent you a PM

Hi Everyone-

Please retry your GeoTIFF exports now. We have made some adjustments on our end, and can confirm that our tests do not show the banding issue in PhotoShop. Thanks for your patience.

one quick note is that the adjustments mean the file sizes may be slightly larger. Please note any limitations on file size of imports within the external software you are using.