Geofencing and phatom 3 proo

Summary of Issue:
I had a approved flight right next to airport. I have all latest updates for DD and phatom. DD would not let me fly the mission. I have a phatom 3 pro. Are you discontinuing support for this model?

Date Issue Began:

Drone Model:

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Hi @Nick1,

We do support the P3P. For me to better help you, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Do you know if you are able to fly with the DJI Go app?
  2. What error message did you receive through the DroneDeploy app?

Thank you,

Yes I could fly with DJI go. I received waypoints will not load. I’m not sure of message but it referanced about zone I was in

Also I tried DJI go first.

Hi @Nick1,

Thank you for answering those questions. Just to verify, have you followed the steps below in the DJI Go app?

  1. Open the DJI GO app
  2. GEO popup will appear.
  3. Log into your DJI account
  4. Press the I agree to GEO terms, tick the boxes for I have permission to fly
  5. Verify with a text message
  6. you will get confirmation
  7. Close the DJI GO app
  8. Plan your flight on DD
  9. Press take off in DD

Although you may have already done this, I just wanted to verify that our bases are covered.

I have also enabled a flag to give you a better experience when flying in an NFZ. Are you able to try this flight again?

Thank you,

Yes I did all that. No I had to hand fly the mission.

I planned my DD mission before I went on site. Are saying I need to plan it when I get there?

HI @Nick1,

You don’t need to plan the mission onsite, as you can plan before reaching the site. Have you tried to fly this location since I enabled the setting 2 days ago?

Thank you,

No the site is two hours away. Are you saying it’s fixed?

Hey @Nick1 I can see Nipul lifted the restriction for you to fly so you should be ready to go. Please follow the directions for creating a pre-planned flight in this Article there is also an option to Fly Offline just in case you have no service in your flight area

Please contact support if you are having problems and if it is time sensitive feel free to reach out to us on chat!

Thanks and goodluck!