General odd behavior in PC user interface


I have been using a demo version of the account for the last 2 weeks and this last weekend I flew several missions and uploaded them all in rapid succession.

I noticed strange things happening like my measurement outlines would disappear so I would try to draw another one, which would also promptly disappear from view. I would then go up to ‘Settings’ tab and the fields that normally had my name were now blank. I would click ‘log out’ and log back in and now I could see 2 or 3 overlapping measurement outlines. It was like my user session or token was revoked and I now no longer had the auth to see those annotations.

The next thing is one of my maps “Landscape Supply Photos” can no longer go into 3D view. I can click the 3D button and nothing happens (Plant health and elevation seem to work still) - I can still show the point cloud however, and 3D view works for my other projects, so it seems to be this single project.

Windows 10 Enterprise
Dell i7-6820HQ @ 2.70Ghz
32GB (31.9GB Usable)
64-bit OS
Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87