GCP question in big maps (250 acres)

Hi all, Im very new pilot and dd user from Argentina.
My english is bad so I will try…
I need to make maps of 250 acres and want to use GCP.
The video explanation tell me how to do it, but i have a few question.
on a 250 acres map, how many GCP need to take and where is the better place to put them… is very flat, about 10 meters heigh in 1000 meters long.

Like I say, sorry for my english… tell me if I can type something logical or I need to go to google translator…

Hi @gabrielcz,

Thanks for sharing your GCP question on our Forum! We can only process GCP maps that have at least 4 Ground Control markers/targets. We recommend distributing these markers evenly throughout the map and being careful not to place them near the edges of your map boundary.

If you haven’t already, please visit our GCP Request Checklist to ensure you’re successful with setting up, capturing, and processing your dataset. Let us know if you have any further questions we can help with moving forward!


P.S. Your English is great!

I would suggest at least 8 GCP’s for that size of site and placement depends on the shape of the site. You always want to try to encompass the entire site as best as you can with the perimeter GCP’s then evenly space a few more in the middle. Can you provide a KML/KMZ polygon of the site? Or some kind of markup of the boundary?

Its a perfect square.
1000 Meter x 1000 meters.
Thank for advice. 8 will be my choise.