One of the huge benefits of drone data collection is the ability to process and reprocess the data at different times to obtain specific results.

I have found that it would be very beneficial to have GCP / Checkpoint Planner App.

With a RTK GPS setup on the right sites you can easily set up as many GCP’s or Checkpoints as you want but I have found that if you do some planning before hand and set out your GCP’s and Checkpoints in a grid pattern you can quickly identify problems in your map, and locate GCP’s or Checkpoints with incorrect data. Also you can process different image sets of the map and not have to worry if it will include enough GCP’s and Checkpoints.

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In my environment it would be very hard to pre-plan GCP’s. Basically just a waste of time to do it formally in the app. I can give myself and okay idea by looking at a construction plan, but I really have to know what the terrain looks like, where obstructions are and where the tops and bottoms of slopes are so things get adjusted quite a bit out in the field. The easy part is that you just need a fairly even spread and a base perimeter that encompasses the whole site.

On the subject of GCP’s in the program I have asked several times to have markers for the GCP’s created automatically, but have not had any luck.