GCP calibrate, amsl #s seen, but it exported elevations as 8-bit 0-255 dn


a GCP was added to calibrate the elevations seen in the elevation toolbox, and this seemed to work. Elevations seen in the histogram were transformed from a few tens of meters, to the local mean elevation of 1850 meters amsl.

When the elevation toolbox was used to export an elevation Geotif file though, it produces a 4-band RGB with bands 1,2,3 being the RGB using 8-bit 0-255 color table numbers, and the 4th band being all the one number 255 where there is imagery, with all nulls (0) located on the periphery of the DEM imagery.

Has anyone else seen this phenomena? Is there any idea where the amsl elevations ~ 1850 m have gone too? It looks they were not preserved upon export as a Geotif out of DD.

Any advice much appreciated,

Thank You

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