Gaps in pictures

Flew about a 100 acres utilizing drone deploy. I have the zenmuse z3 and after I landed I checked the photos. After reviewing there were large gaps about every other photo. This of course caused issues with stitching. I had it set at 75x70, so that shouldn’t have been an issue. I flew at a height of 350ft and drone deploy had it cruising at about 30 mph. Is there a way to adjust this so I don’t miss photos and waste an entire flight?

What type of micro-SD card are you using? Lower quality cards are not able to read and write as quick, thus it can cause the camera not to be able to save a picture as quick. This can cause gap’s and can result in what you’re talking about.

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I am using PNY 64GB Elite-X
According to them: Class 10 - UHS-I, U3 speed Class performance allows for fast and smooth burst mode shooting and 4K and full HD video recording.

That should work fine, as it is what I use as well. When watching the screen as it flies the mission, do you see it taking picture at a normal interval? I assume the 75x70 you are refering to is the % of side/front overlap? I usually try for something closer to 80/80 and 200-250 elevation for my 100+ acre projects, but I would not think that was the issue…

I did have one instance where I did not like my final results and re-uploaded the pictures for re-processing and it resolved the problem. Not always the answer you want to hear, especially when I had over 2000 pictures, but it did work.

I am having the same problem. Flew 50 acres, Alt = 247 ft, 60% side and 70% front. Flying over almond orchard. Good picture coverage, but the whole middle of the orchard is missing! I’ve flown it 3 times with 2 different SD cards(Lexar 633x and Sony 32gb microSDHC Memory Card (SR32UY2A/TQ) 70 MB/s). Also flown at 210 and 220 ft alt.

Do I need to fly higher? SD card? Overlap?

I know that must be frustrating.

This should be improved in updated app on iOS. I’d suggest formatting the SD cards

Not sure it is the problem, since I would imagine that it would not only happen in the middle, but that card is slower then the ines I use… I also use more overlap, but agin yours should be okay… if the crops moving a lot in the middle section, if so that would make it more difficult to stitch.

Thanks guys. I’ll format the cards again and try flying higher with more overlap today. Wish me luck!