Gaps and missing photos on two test flights

Nearly every time I try and resume The drone either goes back over the area it has already mapped or it skips sections. Is the app broken or am I? Why is there no option to tell the app there are missing control points and a section that didn’t capture and tell it to go back and capture them? The iPhone app/app seems to be much too simple and it causes problems. No user input during an op is weird. Like, how about a popup, resume from control point xx? Also, the capture sessions end too early at about 50-60% battery. And, one of my flights ended with my drone going down into the woods and ground. I had to manually recover it from nose diving into the ground. I’ve also had issues with the app crashing during a flight, the resulting screenshots after a crash are attached. This is scary as hell mid flight crashes. I am trying really hard to stay positive here. Can you help?

Missing photos and control points from automatically missing. Problem is it missed this section on the first mission too, that is why I did this second mission. No thanks for this time sink unless there is a solution to capture missing data from a mission that I don’t know about.

Drone in mid flight, this is the screen i got when reloading the app. I also got a screen that was just blank blue and blank boxes.
Well, no images because new users can only embed one image.

Image after first part of mission was run with like 200 images captured.
Well, no images because new users can only embed one image.

Update: This looks like it could be a bug in the software. Looks like when a section end and return to home happens the software will think it needs to keep capturing photos. Likewise when starting a new section the app tells the drone to take photos all the way to the starting point. This robs the control points and photos that should be taken on the control point path instead of on the flyout path.

App needs some way to manually fill in the gaps. Let the user circle a section that didn’t capture and let the drone go back out to fix what the app missed. I can’t imagine how frustrating this would be for someone doing a 200 acre or more survey.

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What’s your,

Drone model
Device model
Device OS
DroneDeploy version?

DroneDeploy is supposed to have precise point return so that when it auto RTH or you prompt it that it will go back to the same point that it left. It use to be that it would go back to the last waypoint which was the beginning of the last leg and it would rerun a portion…

I think I’m just new and confused. Thanks for the help.

iOS iPhone 8 Plus Latest Updates on everything.
Drone Deploy was installed on August 4.13.0

My drone flight tries to end at around 60% battery so I learned to pause and un-pause the mission to move on to the next leg. that worked fine during this whole flight until this last part. Does the phone store the flight data locally until a successful mission, or does the app need a constant connection to the net to work properly?

I think slow connections could be an issue? I know you have put a lot of work into the app because it is really amazing. I am just inexperienced with it and would like to fly confidently. Thanks for the help.

Side note. How do I do this for a living? This is fun!


So just to clarify that is the original Mavic Pro?

The pause/un-pause is an interesting trick, good find. The flight plan is uploaded to the aircraft. This means that if your RC loses connection or if your mobile device dies in theory it should complete the mission and RTH or if it gets to the point where the battery is low it will RTH according to its DJI protocol. If this happens then also in theory you should be able to connect to the drone again and receive a prompt to Continue Flight or Reset.

Now to revisit the post above. This is all very strange. Was there a battery swap required or did it just stop and RTH? I have seen the image capture on departure and return on other drones, but never a DJI. It looks like there was a perimeter flight as well.

@Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe Is there anything that you would be able to see on your end? Or could Cliff maybe provide some logs?

Just a note for your type of flight I would not do the perimeter. You would be best served running a normal nadir and then running a crosshatch. I have even had success running half (one direction) of a crosshatch in combination with a nadir and manually bringing it home.

I posted about the very same issue, probably as long ago as March. Some points done twice, sometimes resumed at the next Waypoint (so photos missing) after a battery swap.

Interesting this has re-appeared on iOS, as I was on Android. Not sure which software version, but it would have been the latest (and firmware) on a Mavic 2 Pro. It really can’t be that complex a problem to even double-check the EXIF data from the photos if that’s what’s needed.

It’s very poor practice when software developers add new features before they’ve fixed bugs in the basic functionality, and sadly happens too often.

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I’ve also experienced this issue. Both in the past as well as today. Did an aerial of a 96 acre site and after the the first battery change I notice it resumed it’s flight in a different location from where it ended. Sure enough, it missed a huge strip of land. I experienced a handful of other issues as well and ended up rescheduling the whole flight, but I’m curious about this issue in particular.

I’ve done this flight numerous times but this has happened a few times.

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Could you please provide some of your equipment information?

Sure thing. I am using a DJI M210, Drone Deploy V4.13, ipad Air (3rd gen). I’ve had a handful of other issues while using the iPad though, such as when I press the “pause” button, it works, but the drone will not “resume” it’s flight and I have to bring it home. On most of my flights I usually end up switching to using Drone Deploy on my phone and it works just fine.