Full Features on M4 iPad Pro PLEASE

Hello Team,

I understand in the past DD has limited features and functionality on the iPad due to it being a tablet and not a proper computer. Well i recently purchased the new Apple iPad Pro with the M4 chip and i can tell you this is significantly more powerful than my Apple Macbook pro with M3 chip. I can use the full features of Drone Deploy including viewing 3D models etc on my Macbook Pro, but i cannot view 3D Models etc on my iPad Pro.

Now that iPad is more powerful than even latest Macbook Pro, can you please update either the App or yur website to allow full functionality abnd full features on the iPad either via the App OR via the website using Chrome.

This will make demonstrating the product to new clients as well as reviewing projects in the field SO much easier! So please if you can update this it would be greatly appeciated.

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The DroneDeploy app and mobile versions differ from our desktop version. At this time, we don’t have plans to bring models to mobile, but I’m happy to flag this request to our product team as a feature request, given mobile devices like iPad are becoming more robust.
Thank you for posting this to our forum for others to comment and support this feature.

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Thankyou for your reply Lindsey. This would be a well received update / upgrade so we look forward to hopefully seeing this in a near future release.
Have a wonderful day!