Frequent disconnection of drone

Summary of Issue: Phantom 4 pro kept on getting disconnected in mid air while flying mission using DroneDeploy. It shows “drone disconnected returning to home”

Date Issue Began: Today 22nd September 2017

Drone Model: Phantom 4 pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version: iOS (iPad mini 4)

Hi @Harsha_M.V,

Can you send me a private message with the email address associated with your DroneDeploy account?

I also encourage you to double-check and verify that all of your apps and software are up to date on all your devices.


Thanks for the message @Harsha_M.V.

Can you verify that you’ve tested out other connection cables and that there is no interference from other radio or electrical frequencies?

I also encourage you to see if this error is consistently occurring in the same area and not elsewhere.

I don’t believe we have a message in the app that says “drone disconnected returning to home”. There is a message that says drone disconnected, but if it disconnects within DD then it should continue it’s mission and return home on low battery.