Free Trial Expired 2 years ago

My trial period ended, but can I still use the DD app to plan and fly a mission, then upload the pics to a different stitching program?

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Yes. I did this just last month.

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Great, thank you… I’m playing around trying to map a golf course.


ok, now which software is actually free to help me stitch 700+ photos together? OpenDroneMap says it’s free, but the web version is $57 one time… will Microsoft ICE work? Something else?

Looking for a free way to make maps? Good luck. Microsoft ICE will work for 2D if you have enough memory and RAM. If you’re looking for any 3D data, not going to happen.

The main problem you are going to run into is that free processing software or not going to produce a geographically or geometrically correct map. They’re just going to stitch visually.

I hope this is for personal use and you’re not trying to produce content for a client…

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Thanks Michael, I am just playing around with this ‘mapping’ stuff in 2d for now. I had been taking look-down pano shots manually and then sticthing them together in Lightroom. Just trying to decide if a subscription to drone deploy would be worth it in the future.

You can use the free trial version of Agisoft’s Metashape to make a 3D model. Then if you like it, you can buy the entry level version for one-time cost of less than 200. This version will generate 3D models but not with GCP’s so your accuracy will be reduced from cm level to meter level which is still good for many applications. I get excellent results with Metashape but you have to learn which settings give the best results and you need a computer with 64 GB of RAM, a fast 8-32 core processor and a GPU card like the Nvidia GTX 1080 for reasonable processing time.

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Can you get a free orthomosaic out of metal shape? I know you cannot out of the free version of Pix4d Mapper.

Yes I believe during the trial period of the Pro version. After that a georeferenced orthomosaic export requires the more expensive Pro version.