Format Card from DD

Is there a way to format the SD card from DD? I usually format the card after an upload but if i forget and get to a field I need to be able to do that from DD so I don’t have to open DJI go or get on my computer?

Thank you


Hi Patti,

Unfortunately DroneDeploy doesn’t have the ability to format an SD card, you will have to do that with DJI Go. This is something that you could submit to Feature Requests and if it gets enough votes and is possible to implement (I’m not an engineer, so not sure), it could become a reality:


We have found the need for this as well. Unfortunately, there are a host of issues associated with switching back and forth between DD and DJI apps, i.e., crashing, default camera settings, battery life on all the various devices, time, etc., etc., so the less you have to do it, the better off you are.


Yes, this is a greatly needed feature. Switching back-and-forth causes all kinds of issues

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