Focus setting for the best Arial Photos


I always use manual settings for my Photogrammetry in DD. What Focus settings do you recommend me for Arial photos (for 3D maps, Photogrammetry)? I have heard that INFINITY focus in DJI GO APP works the best for this purpose!


I would use infinity.

Depends on the height you are flying and what drone. With the P4P anything past 200ft should be infinity.

I have P4P. I usually fly over 60 m, so i think infinity focus will be sufficient.

On the p4p are you guys just setting infinity in Go and then flying? I always ascend to altitude in Go, select a high contrast target on the ground and set the focus to that and then close Go open DD and start the mission.
Infinity should be good. But I have noticed when I do it the way I mention above, the focus is always just a little less than infinity.

Does anyone let DD control the focus and get good results? I let DD control the exposure but am always afraid to trust it with the focus.

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No. I’ve always done something similar if not the same as you to get very good results. Go4 to altitude, autofocus target on ground, switch to manual focus, adjust exposure, close Go4, open DD, make sure the focus/exposure toggles are selected, fly the mission.

When the lighting is consistent I tinker with the exposure manually so the pics would not be overexposed but still manage to pick up the details in the shaded areas. If it’s cloudy or intermittent I’ve now found it’s better to leave on auto. A few weeks ago it was blue skies for as far as you could see. I adjusted the exposure manually, started the mission and then half an hour later the clouds rolled in. The images became darker and darker but DD still managed to produce very good results in terms of accuracy, somehow. I couldn’t be bothered or even knew what would happen to the processed image if I were to interrupt it.

Because of this, if there’s a chance that the sun is going to be intermittent, although some of the images will be all over the place in terms of over exposure, I’ve found leaving exposure on auto gives an overall better map at the end.

This what happened when it clouded over mid way through with manual exposure.


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Ok, thanks @JamesC I’ve had the same issues with manually setting the exposure and now just let the app handle it.

Never had an issue with DroneDeploy handling to focus and exposure via DJIGo Auto.