FMB sketch overlay over Ortho mosaic

I have got the Ortho mosaic of an 29 acres area, I would like to know how to overlay an FMB sketch over the image.

That is how to import and Autocad line file over the the image

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You will need to download the GeoTiff on the coordinate system used in the CAD. Where are you located? What version of CAD are you using?

I’m in India- Tamilnadu -Nilgiris -Coonoor. I’m using Autocad 2018 version file

Okay, thanks. I’m not familiar with the coordinate systems used in your country but you should be able to find out from a local surveyor what the most common system is. You will need an epsg code in order to export the ortho on the correct coordinates that will bring the geotive into CAD in the correct location as a surveyor would have done it. As an alternative you can create a PDF of the FMB sketch and align it in DroneDeploy. At least you will be able to see what it would look like which may help you reverse engineer a placement into CAD.