FM2571 10-Mile CAD

Just finished loading my latest update to the project. A 10-mile drone flight aligned with the design CAD file. We’ve finally gotten the update process down to about 20 minutes. That wasn’t the case the first time we tried to put that much data into CAD. The initial flight went into DroneDeploy as one project and needless to say the system couldn’t handle it. Everything uploaded fine, but the performance on mobile devices was not good. Worst part is that DroneDeploy couldn’t export the full ortho even at 4in/px so I have now split it into 10 1-mile projects which is the same way I fly it. Everything is flown with the Yuneec H520 with Emlid PPK and a total of 70 GCP’s. The GCP’s were mandatory due to the long linear nature to get all sections to line up from end to end and match the linework.

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