Flying with your drone

I have always driven to sites but I have to fly commercial to a site on Monday and I’m wondering what the process is for flying with your drone. I have reviewed TSA and everything and I think I have a handle on that but just meant some more tips for experience.

I haven’t seen any specific rules that should be followed to allow a drone to be transported except a general guideline that you should not travel with more than 3 batteries. Also, I don’t think the batteries can be fully charged. I don’t know how they would check for that, but that’s just what I heard. Otherwise the TSA explicitly mentions the ability to carry-on a drone.

Have you seen anything different?

Nope, I didn’t see the 3 battery thing though. I was planning on taking 4. Guess I should leave one?

Or a check bag if you have one. Not sure what the rationale for 3 vs 4 is…

I have not yet traveled with a drone, but have read some of TSAs material. You cannot put the batteries in checked luggage, it must be in carry-on. DJI provides a document somewhere, as I recall, on how to discharge your batteries below a specified level. Do not carry charged batteries. You can check your chargers and accessories, even the drone (sans battery) to reduce the carry-on load. Check with your airline ahead of time for their rules on batteries. They may have specific rules or suggestions to make it easier.

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I’ve traveled in the US with my P4 on a number of different airlines. As mentioned before you must carry on the batteries, discharged. DO NOT check them. I haven’t seen any limits on the quantity of batteries you can bring. I typically carry 8 and have never been hassled. Some airlines require them to be transported in a fire proof case which is what I use. You can also purchase fireproof bages on Amazon for a few bucks if your case isn’t fireproof. There is a limit to the battery capacity but all the P4 batteries are under the limit. The TSA agents that usually inspect my gear don’t usually even know the rules. They’ve never even checked to see if my batteries were discharged. You shouldn’t have a problem.

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