Flying into authorization flight zone

I have a question regarding the authorized flight zones (yellow zones needing preauthorization). I understand that using the drone deploy app within the zone it will not fly even if you unlock the area through the dji app or the dji website.

My question is that I have about 70% of the site outside of the zone and 30% in the zone. If I am located out of the zone on take off will it fly the entire site? And if not what will happen when it enters the authorized zone? I’m just wondering that if it is unlocked and I am outside of the flight area will the drone take off via drone deploy, or will it recognize some of the waypoints being within the zone and not take off? Or if it does take off would it stop, land, or do nothing once it crosses into that zone?



I’m not sure you have it right, or maybe I just got lucky. I’ve been able to fly within yellow zones okay, taking off within and flying into from Enhanced green. I therefore I understood the issue the other people have been talking about to be within only red zones.

Is it supposed to be yellow and red zones we have a problem with?


yea I tried to fly in a yellow zone that was an authorization zone and drone deploy would not work. On my controller it said I was in a NFZ. So I opened up DJI and authorized it and it removed that from the controller and I could fly via DJI. I closed out and opened drone deploy and when it goes to load the flight waypoints it said it can’t.

I’ve never had an issue in warning or enhanced warning, and never tried a red. Only yellow which is where I had the issue. Now I have another site close to the same airport that is partially in the yellow, which is why I asked.

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I have only ever sought authorisation one way and that was via my desktop and sms ‘offline’ back in the office. When I switched on the drone etc, the authorisation was waiting for me within Go4 which I then transferred to the drone.

I’ve done at least one of yellow (possibly two) and a several enhanced greens, both of which require prior authorisations immediately after taking off.

I take off in Go4, accept responsibility and always start the DD mission in the air having set the camera up in Go4 first.

I’m in the UK if that can possibly make a difference.

Hello, Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately the No Fly Zone restriction will prevent the drone from taking off. This flight will need to be flown manually or you can plan your flight within the accessible flight area. Thanks!