Flying in reverse

Transitioning from a Phantom 3 Pro to a Phantom 4 Pro and the first mission run on DroneDeploy the bird ran in reverse. This begs the question were the photos assumed upside down (front side back)? Images looked great and everything else about the mission was flawless. Followup on this issue was the fact that tagging GCP’s was unsuccessful. When tagging the initial point the images that the system selected for the additional GCP’s were all over the site.

First run today, 01/29/2018.

DJI Phantom 4 Professional

iPad 2017, iOS 11.2.2, DD version 2.64.0

Hi @chascoadmin,

It’s Andrea here. I’m sorry to hear about this flying experience with your Phantom 4 Pro and the DroneDeploy app. I just reached out to you via chat and I will be more than happy to take a deeper look at your GCP data. In the meantime, could you please update your DroneDeploy mobile app to the version 2.65.0 and give it another try? If the revert flying persist, please let us know.


I have flown three successful missions after installing 2.65 and all seems well. Thank you!

Glad to hear this @chascoadmin! I’ll mark this topic as closed.

I think this might have been reopened by mistake?