Fly Off of Phantom 4 Pro

I have a phantom 4 pro and use drone deploy to fly. Last week I was flying a site that required to batteries. The first portion went fine and the system returned and landed. I replaced the battery and started the second portion of the flight. About 10 photos into the first line the connection was lost with the Phantom 4 Pro. I hit the return to home button in drone deploy and waited. I got a re-connection message on the screen, but did not see any updated flight information. I waited about 5 minutes at the home point and did not see the system.

Someone approached me and said they saw the unit land in a pond. I walked down the road to the location and the system had sunk to the bottom of the pond. It appeared from the visual observer that they unit had simple landed along the flight line at some point. It was just my bad luck it was into a lake.

My question is what is the software supposed to do when the system disconnects during flight?


It should do whatever you have setup in the DJI Go app.

You should always set the DJI Go app to enable all safety features like Remote Connection Lost to do a Return To Home, Collision Detection and Avoidance options should be turned on, Low Battery Alarm should Return To Home, All Firmware and Software should be up to date, etc

I don’t know how your setup is so hard to tell why it went into the water. Did you jump in and recover it? It may still be good. This someone, was he with you or just someone walking buy? Aka did he look trustworthy or shady character? They could have said it went in and they took it if they were shady.

The other thing you can do is look at the flight logs and see if there was something that caused it to come out of the sky? If proven to be a DJI issue they generally will replace it as long as it’s within the warranty time-frame, the only tricky thing here is you were using DroneDeploy and that may cause a issue.

Hopefully you can recover the drone and salvage some of it or maybe DJI can look at the logs and determine if it was a DJI issue.

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Hi @aerialmapper,

Thank you for posting about this drone flyaway - we are always very sorry to hear when a bird goes down, as your success is our success.

We’re always very willing to investigate all flyaways and crashes for paid and free users alike, so please feel free to email with the details of what happened. We’ll take a deep dive into the flight logs and can do our best to assist with the issue.

To clarify the DJI 3rd party situation: DJI Warranty still applies when you are flying with 3rd party software, but it does not apply when the issue happens because of 3rd party software. We have yet to see our software cause a crash in appreciable memory. Frustratingly, however, DJI front line support can sometimes lean on that issue when they should not, and we can help direct you to the proper channels if that happens.

@GregO, thank you very much for providing your input for this situation. This is all great and proper advice you’ve given.

Always underlying a DroneDeploy flight is the DJI SDK and the current settings that are selected in DJI Go, and this will determine behavior for this situation.

One recommendation I’d add - when you lose the RC connection, I would recommend moving towards the direction of the drone, in order to give yourself the best change of physically reconnecting the signal.

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