Fly App Doesn't Boot On iPad

I have an iPad Mini 2 (because it fits in the holder on the controller) running IOS 12.4.5. I ave just downloaded the Fly app from the App Store. When I tap the Fly icon a light blue screen flashes up and the app closes down. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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I’ll assume you are talking about the DroneDeploy flight app and not the DJI Fly app… Unfortunately the Mini 2 is 4 generations old now and was removed from support a while ago and is probably not even capable of running full functionality consistently without memory issues and the A7 chip.

Thanks Michael.
Yes I meant Flight not Fly. That’s just me being a tit.
Yeah, it is a bit old now. I bought it recently because anything newer doesn’t fit in the holder on the controller. However, I have performed some holder surgery and made a little extension. I’m looking at a cheap 5 just for flying. I think that should be new enough to run the app.
I’m currently experimenting with various different apps. Presumably you use the DroneDeploy app. How do you find it?

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I have been using a Mini 5 for almost 2 years and it still holds up. I have just the Wi-Fi version and connect all our field devices with a Verizon Inseego router.