Flight time of Matrice 100

What flight times are being achieved by the Matrice 100 with X3 gimbal and camera when mapping?
Are people getting any where near the quoted endurance as posted by DJI?

Interested to hear this as well. 30+ minutes flying time would be a huge help for big fields.

You need to use both batteries in order to come close to the posted flight times. Our Matrice 100 only has 1 battery installed so we aren’t able to test this.

The reported 40min flight time is without the camera or guidance system - I’ll try dig out some numbers for the M100 with X3 and no guidance.

Would really appreciate that. Thinking hard about an upgrade to the dual battery M100. I guess they’re a little hard to get still so I’m not in a huge hurry, but would like to know.

Is the M100 working well with DD in your testing?