Flight services program

I am a new member of DroneDeploy and have emailed support numerous time with no reply. I m just a pro member but I am suppose to have email support. Am I missing something? I have a few questions:

1- how do you get involved in the “flight services program”?

2- there are 2 share buttons on the web DroneDeploy, a blue one in the upper right corner and one in the lower left side bar. I now understand the lower left is the one I need to use to share my work with a client. But what’s the difference between the two buttons?

3- is the walk around DroneDeploy app a separate cost from the DroneDeploy app?

Anyone who could help with these questions, would be greatly appreciated. And if someone has a better email than the support email to get help from DroneDeploy would be helpful also.


I believe the Pro plan is now called Lite and Business is called Individual. Either way yes you have email support. @Andrew_Fraser

  1. I would contact Dronebase directly. They are the contractor that DroneDeploy uses and you will get other jobs as well.
  2. I’ve never noticed this since I always use the bottom left version but it’s possible that the one on the upper right is the old version. I’m not sure that you can share anything other than you only with the Lite account.
  3. The app itself is free but getting the walk-through functionality on the website is a subscription.

Thanks so much MichaelL, I have been frustrated from the lack of communication from DroneDeploy. Also, dronebase, how is the best way to contact them? Through a web site and is there a particular individual I need to reach out to?

Just sign up. They’ll start sending you training courses and test missions that you have to accomplish a certain set of tasks but you can do them at your house or wherever.


Hi @Brandon_Sinclair,

Gentry from DroneDeploy Support here! I am very sorry to hear you have not received a reply from our team.
Please send over an email to Support@dronedeploy.com for immediate assistance. Once you have sent that email you will receive an automated response from our ticketing system, letting you know we have received your inquiry.
I look forward to hearing from you!