Flight problem

I can’t see the plane sembol to start to flight. I planned a mission and save. But I can’t start the flight, there is only “save” sembol. I am trial user and using Phantom 4 pro.I want to test the dronedeploy. Is there any problem or have I buy the program for test flight?

No, it should be working. Sometimes you need to turn the drone, controller and app off and back on to get things to connect properly.

I tried but it is not solution.

I see this screen

How can I start the flight on this screen?

Hi @Gunhantekin,

Have you taken a look at Preplanning Flights on DD Mobile and Initial Setup for DJI Drones?


In order to continue onto the flight screen the drone has to be connected. It is waiting for you to successfully connect the drone before it will let you continue.