Flight Planning over existing DD maps

Satellite maps sometimes are poor or outdated. I want to be able to plan a mission using previously made DD map as a base layer.

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I have been doing this quite a bit lately- output kmz imagery from your flight to google earth- create a polygon in GE based on the updated imagery instead of GE satellite images (or DD images). Then just save the kml and import to DD.
Works well.

Awesome. Do think a easy and direct way as a toggle to let you view the map on the planning screen will be helpful to you?


I think it would… I love the idea

Hi all,

I’m excited to say we implemented this idea. Please install it and try it out.

Feedback welcome,

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I am glad to see this implemented.

I tried it out and I have an area I plan to map regularly. I flew a large portion of the area and then two smaller portions at various heights testing accuracy and overlaps etc. When I turn on the existing base layer option, I only see the small portion of the map as the base layer (plus the outdated google map). This was the latest flight so I am assuming thats how the app is implemented.

It would be great if there was an option to select which mission was used as the base layer or if it combined them all into one current layer.


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@funat120mph - thanks for feedback. We initially had the app designed to show all layer at once but that froze browsers for users with lot of maps of same area. We will add a dropdown to select a particular map to show as a basemap.

That makes sense. A drop down would be great. Thanks.

Hi @danielrasmuson, @manu, this feature is exactly what I’m after, as satellite coverage of my work area is generally poor/absent.
I’ve uploaded a GeoTIFF of my work area from plane-based imagery that my team collected last year, and was hoping to use that as the basemap for planning DroneDeploy flights here. However:

  • When I’m looking at my full table of contents of maps and map plans in DroneDeploy, my GeoTIFF basemap displays as a “completed map” symbol, rather than actually illustrating the map itself (screenshot 1 below)
  • When I open the “completed map” symbol, the GeoTIFF displays nicely, but only gives me options to take measurements from it, rather than actually drawing flight plans over it (screenshot 2 below)
  • When I open a new flight plan, even though I have “use existing maps as baselayer” toggled on, the basemap that I see is the default satellite one (screenshot 3 below).

Has anyone else had this problem? I like to think that it’s a simple matter of me adjusting a setting somewhere, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what setting or where.


screenshot 1 - uploaded GeoTIFF and new flight plan both appear in table of contents and as symbols on default satellite basemap

screenshot 2 - uploaded GeoTIFF displays as it should, where it should. Usage options include taking measurements, which is not relevant to me

screenshot 3 - new flight plan, with “use existing maps as a baselayer” toggled on, doesn’t actually use the GeoTIFF I uploaded as a basemap, and instead defaults to unhelpful satellite imagery basemap (note: if I zoom in any further, the screen goes gray and displays a “no imagery available” symbol, which is particularly unhelpful for flight planning).

Hi @tsra thanks for notifying this. I installed a temporary app in your account with a fix. It will take us a week or so to update this app since it requires some change in core software. But I think you can go ahead and use the tempoary app meanwhile.


Thank you @manu for your super-swift solution! I really appreciate it.
The fix works really well.

Thanks heaps!

Hi @manu, the “use existing maps as a baselayer” function seems to have died again. I have basemaps that have uploaded smoothly to my DroneDeploy account, and that I can see are placed correctly and turned out nicely. However, when I go to draw a flight plan over the top of them, I get the following message: “No completed maps overlapping current planning location”.
What do you think is happening there?

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