Flight Plan Flight Direction Input

I am having significant difficulty in setting up my flight direction when planning a flight on the mobile app. We fly one mile and one half mile fields. Our fields are mainly 0 -180 north south and 90 - 270 east west fields. To get the slide bar on the app to hit 90 is almost impossible. One leans their finger (not slides, leans) the slider button which very easily jumps ahead or behind the desired heading. 88 or 89, or 91, 92 dont work. It has to be exactly 90. Please pass on the request for a field that the heading can be typed into. That would be a huge help.


PS. Why are the settings using 90 degrees for a north south run or 0 degrees for east west?

I would like to 2nd this request. When planning flights in the field it can be difficult and time wasting to adjust the slider to the proper angle as the sensitivity is extreme. Would be nice to have an input box type input for both the Altitude and Flight Direction features. I also agree would be nice if North was 0.


We were wanting to look at the seed runs for weeds and for example on a field seeded on an angle of 110 degrees (90 being east) again we need to set the angle at exactly 110 degrees. But if 90 is North then we need to set it at what…190? How about a field seeded at 20 degrees (0 being north)… I understand even having the ability to change angles is new so just encouraging the team to keep up the improvements.

This is in progress. Thanks for continuing to provide feedback.