Flight plan doesn´t load, dron disconnects

Hi everybody. I had some very annoying problems with DD, and that in presence of the clients. These problems apeared 2 weeks ago. Fore more than a year everything worked perfect with DD.

Problem 1: The flightplan doesn´t load when I am in the field. The display keeps froozen.

Problem 2: During the flight the dron permanently disconnects. But it keeps flying and saving all the pictures. But it is very uncomfortable to fly like this.

I don´t have any problem with DJI go 4.
I am using an I phone 6 and 8. Both with the same problem.

What could be the reason?

  • Perhaps the old system. My phones work with iOS 12.47?
  • The fact that I use the free version of drondeploy?

I need some advice, because if I continue like this, I will loose my clients.

Thanks a lot.


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