Flight pausing/waypoint loading/error messages

Last week I updated to the latest 4.43.Doing this fixed most of my issues and I had a whole day of flying without a single problem. Even found some new features( or ones I didn’t know about before) that make my terrain following flights more seamless.

This week, I have other issues.

(Edited to say: I just saw that there was another update this week 4.43.1. It looks like one of my tablets is on version. 0 and the other on .1.)

-DD on both of my iPads are crashing like crazy. Almost every battery change. Both version 4.43.0 and 4.43.1)

-Because the terrain is so steep and drone deploy will only upload 200 way points at a time, when it gets to the end of it shortened flight plan usually I can hit pause, it will reload the rest of the flight as long as there’s battery and then hit play and it will keep flying the rest of the plan. I couldn’t get it to do it at all yesterday. The play and pause button would change if I pushed it but the drone just hovered and stay there, I could never get it to keep flying. This is really frustrating when the drone is really far away and has to return all the way back home on 60% battery just to hit resume mission and have a leave again. Waste so much battery. I was having this issue on 4.43.0. I did not try it on the other iPad with 4.43.1 so I guess I’ll do that next week.

-On the very last portion of one of my flight plans, it hit its max waypoints, I return it to home, resumed mission and it wouldn’t go back out for the last leg. It said drone is RTH(though it was already home) and that there were invalid parameter in the waypoints. I then proceeded to reset the mission and change the flight area to be just the last leg and it still wouldn’t fly it. It had the same errors.
I turned the drone, the controller, and the iPad off and on to try to fix it. Still didn’t work. V 4.43.0.

Flying a matrice200 and zenmuse x7 24mm

With yet another dd update, I didn’t have any unsolvable issues accept for the DD app crashing 5/7 flights.

Hi there, kindly feel free to write into support@dronedeploy.com and we can take a look at your crashes to see what might be going on - crashes are not expected during normal usage. May I ask which iPad model and iOS version you are using?


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Hello, I’m on an iPad mini 5th and a iPad 7th both with 14.6. DD crashes almost every time I fly. Some days are worse than others. I hate opening tickets because by time I could get a response there is either another update or the problem goes away.

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